About the company

Romania Farm Invest
Romania Farm Invest A/S (RFI) is a Danish limited company, whose main activity is the ownership of 100% of the shares in the Romanian subsidiary company, JD Agro Cocora SRL. RFI primarily delivers consultancy aid to the Romanian company as well as maintaining contact and reporting to its 70 shareholders.

JD Agro Cocora
JD Agro Cocora SRL is a Romanian subsidiary to Romania Farm Invest A/S, whose main asset is an agricultural project in the Cocora region. Currently we operate 12,500 hectares in Ialomita and Constanta counties.

The company has a team of specialists in agriculture in Romania and employed inhabitants from Constanta and Ialomita. Also, JD Agro Cocora benefits from international expertise in agriculture, which results in cultivating the Romanian fields at the highest standards. 

Construction of the farm finished in 2009. The farm consists of a 3,450m2 hall for machines, space for chemical substances and administration, as well as a 2.550m2 hall that serves as grain storage with an 8,000-ton capacity and a grain dryer with a 85 tons per hour capacity. There are additional outdoor silos with a 32,000-ton capacity, bringing the total storage capability to 40,000 tons.

JD Agro Cocora SRL manages 12,500-hectare of land with high quality agricultural soil. The company owns 5.600 hectares and 6.900 ha are leased. The three main cultures are corn, wheat and rapeseed. The work on the field is performed without a plough, with a focus on the environment in the soil as well as the environment surrounding us. All the straw is chopped and reincorporated in the soil, so that the fauna in the soil and the bacterial flora can be protected.

The company has invested in a complete stable of machinery, including tractors, trucks, harrows, sowing machines, that is permanently being developed and increased in efficiency